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The Economic Zone of the Districts Lying along the Ho Chi Minh Road

This economic area is situated in western Ha Tinh Province, embracing Huong Khe and Vu Quang District and a part of Huong Son District. It borders on Nghe An Province’s Thanh Chuong District to the north, Quang Binh Province’s Tuyen Hoa to the south, Duc Tho, Can Loc, Thach Ha and Cam Xuyen Districts to the east and Laos to the west.

Phuc Trach Grapefruit
The climate and soil in Khe May area is very suitable for orange trees which are prolific and resistant to pets. So far, about 80 households in Khe May have grown fruit trees, mainly orange, on nearly 120 ha.
Khe May Orange
The climate and soil in Khe May area is very suitable for orange trees which are prolific and resistant to pets. So far, about 80 households in Khe May have grown fruit trees, mainly orange, on nearly 120 ha. Khe May orange is known for its taste and scent. It has actually become a local specialty of high economic value.
Vu Quang National Park
Located in Vu Quang District, north-west of Ha Tinh Province, Vu Quang National Park covers a total area of 52,882ha, 96.7% of which are natural forests. It lies in northern Truong Son (long mountain range) area with an average height of 800m, the slope of 25-35 and many rivers and streams.
Vu Mon Waterfall
Situated on the Giang Man Mountain Range to the south-west of Huong Khe District, Vu Mon Waterfall, 1,700m high above the sea level, has been famous nationwide.
Chut Ethnic People in Rao Tre Hamlet
It is the only ethnic group in Ha Tinh who live in Rao Tre Hamlet at the foot of Ca Day Mountain in Huong Lien Commune, Huong Khe District. The hamlet consists of 25 households with over 100 people.
Relic Complex of Son Phong Citadel, Cong Dong and Tram Lam Temples
The relic complex located in Phu Gia Commune, Huong Khe District, Ha Tinh Province, bears the imprints of King Ham Nghi and Can Vuong Movement against the French Colonialists in late 19th century. It consists of Son Phong Citadel and Tram Lam and Cong Dong Temples.
Gia Lach-Road 8-Cau Treo Border Gate Economic Zone
Covering the districts of Nghi Xuan, Duc Tho, Hong Linh Town and Huong Son, bordering on Nghe An Province to the north, Can Loc, Huong Khe and Vu Quang Districts to the south, Laos to the west and the East Sea to the east, this economic zone has a natural area of 158,265ha and a population of 379,338 people.
Gia Lach Industrial Park
Gia Lach Industrial Park in Xuan An Township and Xuan Vien Commune of Nghi Xuan District, was established under the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 1107/QD-TTg of August 21, 2006 approving the planning development of industrial parks in Vietnam by 2015 with orientations toward 2020.
Xuan Thanh Beach
Xuan Thanh Beach, 5km from Hoi Estuary to the south, stretches over 5km with moderate salty seawater and slightly sloping sandy banks.
Nguyen Du Cultural-Tourist Site
From the 17th century to mid 19th century, Nguyen Tien Dien Family with many famous talented people, such as Nguyen Nghiem, Nguyen Khan, Nguyen Du, Nguyen Ne, Nguyen Hanh, etc, became a famous family in the land of Hong Lam.
Xuan Hai Port
Xuan Hai Port is located in the northernmost region of Ha Tinh on the right bank of the Lam River in Xuan Thanh Commune, Nghi Xuan District, 8km from Ben Thuy shipyard, 15km from Hoi estuary, 7km from Ben Thuy Port downstream; 103km from Cau Treo international border gate and 9km from Highway 1A.
Xuan Pho Fish Port
Located on the right bank of Lam River in Xuan Pho Commune, Nghi Xuan District, 12km from Vinh City, Xuan Pho Fish Port is one of the Province's fishery centres, where fishing services are provided, ships and boats shelter from storms, fishery promotion activities are carried out to protect aquatic resources and guidance on regional fishing ground is given.
Cui Temple
Traveling along Highway 1A, 40km from Ha Tinh City to the north or 10km from Vinh to the south and then turning about 200m, visitors will arrive at Cui Temple. Tourists can travel to the place by the waterway on the La or Lam Rivers.
Trung Luong Craft Village Area
Trung Luong Commune located at the northern Hong Linh Town has the Minh Giang River running through and Highway 1A linking with other regions, very convenient for land and waterway transportation.
Huong Son Bu Orange
It is a famous specialty of Huog Son District, which is grown largely in 13 communes, including Son Bang, Son Trung, Son Phuc, Son Phu, Son Mai, Son Thuy, Son Truong, Son Ham, Son Quang, Son Diem, Son Lam and Son Kim, with a total area of 116ha.
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