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      Located in the middle of northern central Vietnam, Ha Tinh Province has a history of cultural and revolutionary traditions and its land and people have for generations been known as “sacred land and eminent people”.

Chairman of Ha Tinh Provincial People’s Committee
Vo Kim Cu

It seems that Ha Tinh has, in many periods of time, been selected and entrusted with important tasks by history. In return, it is endowed with favourable natural conditions and geographical positions with a mountainous region, a mid-land region and coastal plains. It has 145 kilometres of land bordering Laos, 137km of coastline, convenient waterways and land transport systems with the Cau Treo international border-gate, Xuan Hai Port, Vung Ang-Son Duong deep-water port complex, Highway 1A, Ho Chi Minh Road and the North-South railway.
      Ha Tinh is rich in natural resources with iron and ilmenite in coastal areas, tin, gold, manganite and peat in the western districts, the Ke Go Nature Reserve and Vu Quang National Park with unique ecological systems. The Province boasts areas of specialty fruit trees, such as Phuc Trach grapefruit, Thach Ha persimmon, Bu Huong Son orange, Khe May orange and renowned landscapes such as the Hong Mountain, La River, Vu Mon Waterfall, Huong Tich Pagoda-Chan Tien, Tam Soa Wharf-Tung Linh, Tien Stream-Thien Tuong, the ecological health resort of Nuoc Sot Son Kim and beauty spots of Deo Ngang-Hoanh Son Quan and Quynh Vien-Chieu Trung. In addition, there is an area commemorating the great national poet Nguyen Du, the Dong Loc T-junction relic site and Thien Cam, Xuan Thanh and Deo Con beaches. Ha Tinh is really a land full of opportunities for investment and development and an attractive address for eco-tours of the region’s forests, sea and cultural attractions.

      Ha Tinh people are known for their industriousness working habits, thirst for learning and nobility of mind and faithfulness. Virtually during any period of time there appear eminent people in various domains who have glorified their native land and country as well.
      Surmounting all losses and suffering brought about by wars, natural disasters and poverty Ha Tinh’s authorities and people have made great efforts to advance with a consensus. Now, the Province’s economic growth rate is higher than the national average. Its economic shift has been gradually restructured in the right direction. In particular, with a strategy for sustainable and comprehensive development of various regions and sectors, Ha Tinh now has all the conditions for great breakthroughs with projects such as exploiting Thach Khe iron ore in connection with steel-rolling and mechanical engineering, a thermoelectric power centre, the Vung Ang-Son Duong international port complex and the Ngan Truoi-Cam Trang irrigation work which aim to create a prerequisite and impetus for faster and stronger economic restructuring to make Ha Tinh a province with developed industries and services and a large industrial and service centre by 2015.
      In this context, Ha Tinh wishes to share information, experiences and resources and welcomes all inquiries and research into opportunities for investment and co-operation from organizations and individuals at home and abroad. Ha Tinh is widely opening its arms to all friends and will provide them with a favourable and attractive environment for investment.
      Best wishes for good luck and success!
      Vo Kim Cu 
      Chairman of Ha Tinh Provincial People’s Committee

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